RxTro Data Collection Statement

RxTro is Australia’s leading platform, to help healthcare stakeholders find better solutions for their patients, for example, to help ensure patients receive the right treatment for their disease or condition, and to help bring new medicines to market to improve patient outcomes and lower costs.

We collect information on Healthcare Professionals (HCPs, you, your) by manual and automated means from various sources including public sources, our clients or through contact with you or your place of work and maintain as RxTro database. Our clients are pharmaceutical, biotech, consumer health and medical device companies who provide us with the details of HCPs they have contacted, to be added into RxTro for their business purposes; such as health data management, sales promotion and direct medical communications.

The benefits to you of being part of RxTro include:

  • Timely receipt of safety warnings and drug recalls via your preferred communication channel
  • Receive communications from healthcare authorities according to your preferences and based on your professional information
  • Minimize disruption to your practice/operations and patient flows by streamlining any interactions with pharma representatives
  • Optimal management of drug samples provided to medical offices, clinics and HCPs

Some of the information collected and validated can be considered as personal information as defined and protected under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the “Privacy Act”). In accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act, Rxtro would like to inform you how we will process, use and hold your personal information.

Personal Information Collected

The personal information that RxTro maintains in its database relates to your professional capacity in the healthcare industry.

This information does not relate to any of your individual patients.

We collect the following personal information:

  • Prof title, Courtesy title, Initials, Given Names, Surname, Maiden name, Known by name
  • Gender
  • Primary practice name, address and contact details (phone, fax, email)
  • Additional practice names, addresses and contact details (phone, fax, email)
  • Mobile phone number (if supplied by you)

We collect the following professional information:

  • Practising status
  • Year of graduation
  • Place of graduation
  • Specialty or Profession
  • Areas of professional interest
  • Role o Information our clients provide to us about their professional interactions with you
  • Other publicly available information about your professional profile

Privacy Policy

The RxTro Privacy Policy, available here https://www.rxtro.com/privacy/, outlines RxTro’s privacy principles and details the reporting process for breaches of the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) or APP Codes.

Purposes of Collection

Your personal information has been collected and will be processed and used for the purpose of RxTro maintaining RxTro’s databas in Australia. RxTro’s database is used by our clients to facilitate interaction with HCPs and market analysis about HCPs.

This may include:

  • legal compliance purposes (for example, to meet transparency obligations or adverse event reporting), and to enable direct communications with healthcare professionals in relation to important and sometimes vitally urgent safety warnings and drug recalls;
  • recruitment of healthcare professionals for participation in clinical trials, market research and other research studies, including to evaluate the potential suitability of healthcare professionals for recruitment into particular clinical trials and research studies;
  • conducting market studies and research in the public and private sectors, increasing the transparency of national, regional and local healthcare systems, health data management, improving healthcare services and increasing efficiencies to lower costs; and
  • processing updates to relationship management (CRM) systems and conducting direct communications and marketing to healthcare professionals to support the promotion, distribution and development of medical products and services, to inform healthcare professionals about new products, newly approved uses for existing products, medical/healthcare events and conferences, and to distribute free samples, including analysing data about the healthcare practices, specialities, and preferences of individual healthcare professionals to improve the relevance of our and our clients´ interactions with such healthcare professionals.

RxTro clients include HCPs, pharmaceutical companies, consumer health companies, medical device companies, biotech and other life sciences companies, market research companies and agents.

International Transfer of Personal Information

As the database is operated on a worldwide basis, information in RxTro may be stored or accessed outside Australia within or by RxTro  customers and third-party providers located in other jurisdictions. All access to the information stored in RxTro is subject to strict privacy rules complying with the Privacy Act. In addition, in the event of any reorganization, restructuring, merger or transfer of all or any portion of our business or assets, your personal information may be transferred to RxTro Incorporated affiliates or related bodies corporate. RxTro undertakes all reasonable precautions to protect your personal information from unauthorised access. The Privacy Policy further details our storage and security procedures.

Data Retention

We will hold information about you within our database for as long as it remains accurate and you remain a member of a healthcare profession, and otherwise only as necessary for legal backup and audit purposes and to comply with applicable laws.

Changes to this Notice

We may update this notice from time to time. We encourage you to review this notice periodically to stay informed about how we are using and protecting information in the RxTro database. Any changes to this notice take effect immediately after being posted or otherwise provided by us.

Accessing Your Personal Information in the Database

Pursuant to the Privacy Act, RxTro provides you with the opportunity to access, correct or delete your information within the Database at any time.

We will endeavour to fulfil any requests within fourteen (14) Business Days of receipt.

Below are the contact details if you wish to access your information.

Contact Details

Fax: +61 (0)2 9475 4115
Email: support@rxtro.com
Mail: Level 4, 104 Mount Street, North Sydney, NSW, 2060